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“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

– Mark Twain


Chase “grew up in the court house” as he will tell you. His father was the District Attorney of the Appalachian Judicial Circuit for 20 years. His goal was always to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career as an attorney.

Chase has always been a very driven individual. Upon graduating 3rd in his class of over 250 from Gilmer High School in 2008, he was given an award in recognition for 13 years of perfect attendance in the Gilmer County School System. 

Chase then attended the University of Georgia where he graduated Cum Laude in 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics. Chase was accepted into Georgia State Law shortly after and completed his Juris Doctor degree early in two and a half years, graduating in 2014.

Prior to founding Queen Law Office, LLC in early 2019, Chase was a career prosecutor, He worked for three different District Attorney’s offices, covering multiple counties spanning across North Georgia.  



Driving Under the Influence, most commonly known as DUI, is the most accused misdemeanor crime in Georgia. A charge of DUI can be based off of Alcohol, illegal drugs, or even drugs that you are prescribed. While a traffic offense, most people do not realize the consequences that come from being convicted of DUI. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Mandatory Minimum Jail Sentence
  • Statutory Required Fines & Court Costs
  • Loss of Driver’s License.
  • Mandatory Jail Sentence
  • Vehicle Immobilization or Impoundment
  • Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment
  • Criminal Record
  • Increased Insurance Rates and even Cancellation of Insurance
  • Job loss / Prevents future job advancements and new job opportunities
  • Required minimum of 40 hours of Community Service
  • Mandatory DUI Risk Reduction School
  • It can even lead to being charged as a Felony in certain alleged circumstances.

In fact, in most cases, you only have 30 days to save your license, just from being arrested. This is a result of the Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing that results from the officer taking your license or receiving a temporary driver’s license with your ticket. A Public Defender cannot and will not represent you in this hearing, as it is civil hearing in nature that is seeking to suspend your license prior to the outcome of the DUI criminal case. You must act quickly and contact a criminal defense attorney today to help save your license. Queen Law Office will give everything we have to achieve the best result not only at the ALS hearing but for the DUI criminal case as well.


Did you know other traffic offenses can have ramifications besides DUI? Before paying your traffic ticket, consult with an attorney first about these possible collateral consequences. Traffic offenses are usually charged on a citation and you must appear in your local traffic court: Probate Court (Or State Court in bigger counties) or your local city court if you were pulled over within the city limits by a city police officer. Consult with an attorney first. Many traffic offenses will at least put 3 or more points on your license, which can lead to your license being suspended, appear on your permeant driving record, and can lead to higher insurance premium rates for the rest of your life. Contact Queen Law Office at any time if you have received a traffic ticket, but do not wait because court dates come fast in Traffic Court.


Children under the age of 17 can be charged with a crime the same as an adult. The result is called a Juvenile Delinquency proceeding (unless the child is tried as an Adult for more serious crimes). Either way, juvenile court can be just as intimidating and confusing for children and parents alike. Children deserve a strong defense, someone who can sit down and explain everything to them with respect, and see them through the overwhelming process.


Do you feel your rights were violated by the court system or your prior lawyer? Do you feel that probation or the parole board is not giving you a fair shake? A criminal case is never truly over. We handle appeals of all kinds: Pre-Trial appeals of motions, Motions for New Trial, Motions to Withdraw a guilty plea, and Petitions for Habeas Corpus Relief, to name a few. All of these appeals have different deadlines, so do not hesitate to call Queen Law Office for help. We also assist with the arrest Expungement process, assist in helping you attempt to get Pardoned for a prior crime, and getting your Rights Restored. We can also assist with modifying your current probation or filing Motions to Early Terminate your probation early.



Have you ever been the victim of a crime, and feel like you have not been notified properly or treated fairly by the courts? With the passing of the Constitutional Amendment known as Marcy’s Law in 2018, victims now have constitutional rights, and the right to be represented by an attorney to make sure they have a voice in criminal proceedings. Queen Law Office feels every victim deserves the best, and we will strive to make a terrible event in your life less onerous by contacting the Prosecutor’s office and going to court with you or on your behalf. We also will represent victims before the case begins by helping obtain what is known as a “private prosecutor” warrant.


Family Law is a very emotional, but important part of the law. Family law encompasses mainly Divorce, Custody and Child Support, Adoptions, Legitimations, Guardianship, DFACS removals, and Temporary Protective Orders (T.P.O.), also known as restraining orders, among other things. Divorce involves the division of property and other assets and can get very complicated. Do not go in alone during this stressful time. If you want someone to fight for you or a family member, while making sure both sides are treated fairly, call today.


Whether through Wills or Trusts, Estate Planning is the process of preparing for your family’s future after your passing. Estate Planning ensures your final wishes are documented in the correct legal way to make sure that your family will be taken care of and your property dispersed to the right people in the manner of your choosing.


As a new local small business ourselves, we know the anxiety and stress that comes with forming a new small business. We work to make sure that local small businesses have all the legal information and counsel to protect their own American dream.


Car Accidents, Workers Compensation, Wrongful Death, and Truck Wrecks can all be traumatic events for individuals. You need a team to fight against the resources of Insurance companies and other Defendants in civil suits. Queen Law Office handles Personal Injury lawsuits in association with other North Georgia law firms to ensure you are compensated appropriately.



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